What are UFO's really about? Maybe the truth is not out there. There are so many different perspectives, conspiracy, speculations and cover ups such as the Roswell Incident. So many different images, photos, mpegs, and other forms of media that can smash all misconceptions, concepts and beliefs. Are most of these images we have seen and that have been recorded through the advancement of technology over the past 60 years or so meant to divert or fool the masses from the real truth?

HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) Cloud over Japan during 2011 Tsunami

Instances like weather augmentation for experimentation and possibly even biological future warfare such as HAARP are real. Experimental crafts made to look like UFO's or space saucers from another planet could simply be experimental projects used to gain a global edge on nations that are behind the us. Is speculations and unverified images are footage just opiate for the masses? Are they meant to divert us from agency that is responsible for experimental tragedy? Further speculations on weather augmentation such as HAARP have held true on predicted events that would happen in geographical regions that hold true such as the Tsunami in Japan, Earthquake in Haiti and Chile, and numerous footage of HAARP clouds appearing over such metropolis areas such as New York. They are distinct, unusual and prove to be that beyond a natural occurrence.


Area 51

South Africa Eyewitnesses Saw Unknown Object Crashing into the Sea
UFO By Albert Rosales
02-18-08-Port Shepstone rescuers are monitoring a mysterious situation in which "numerous" eye-witnesses reported an unidentified object crashing into the sea on 20 May 2006 around Cape Town, during the afternoon, the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) in South Africa had reported.
Eddie Noyons, NSRI Shelley Beach Station Commander, said eye- witnesses reported that an unidentified object, possibly an aircraft, had crashed into the sea behind the breaker line off-shore of the Port Shepstone High School. Police, rescue craft and a fixed wing aircraft were alerted to the scene to investigate.
"Following a full scale search of the area covering 12 square nautical miles nothing has been found."
"There are no reports of activity in the area that may be related to this incident and there are no aircraft reported to be overdue or missing," said Noyons.
He said numerous eye witnesses---including teachers and pupils attending a sports event at the high school and other by-standers including local fishermen---were convinced they had seen an aircraft go into the water, including seeing smoke and water exploding. Interviews with the witnesses revealed that some also reported seeing flames.
"Some reported seeing something, an unidentified object, splash into the sea causing a ripple effect of waves," Noyons said.
Due to the number of eye-witnesses with similar reports, it was presumed that weather activity in the area at the time might have given the impression of something falling into the sea.
"We will continue to monitor the situation which remains a mystery," he had said.
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